In 2020 RIGA VENEER started flooring production under the brand OKEE.

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Latvian veneer and plywood producing company
About us
RIGA VENEER is Latvian veneer and veneer panels producing company that produces rotary and sliced veneer for all possible wood components.

From September 2018 RIGA VENEER starts offering new products on the wood working market:

Simple birch plywood (Core veneer)
Furniture birch plywood
Veneered birch plywood panels

Our plywood can be made from 0.5 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.5 mm or other thickness sheets depending on customer preferences and intended use.

RIGA VENEER can offer you plywood with thickness from 3-30 mm to your preferred and most suitable size from 500 mm X 1000 mm to 2 500x1250 mm and with inner layers of birch or any other tree species.

B (I) Quality
-Point branches are allowed
-Healthy, grown branches - less than 6 mm in diameter, the amount must not exceed 12 mm / m2
-The heterogeneity of the wood structure is only allowed to a limited extent
S (II) Quality
-Point branches are allowed
-Healthy, grown branches - less than 6 mm in diameter, the amount must not exceed 12 mm / m2
-The total number of defects may not exceed 3

13,000 m3
Veneer logs produced per year on our premises
Dedicated and experienced wood crafters
20,000,000 m2
Peeled and sliced veneer meters delivered to the markets
RIGA VENEER is a full cycle wood production operator
Deforestation on own premises
We have our own territories around the globe and do care about the environment. Our foresters control our tree species and help to increase the overall amount of our woods
Individual crafting of
veneer components
We produce veneer of different wood types (European birch, beech, oak etc.), in any thickness from 0,42 mm to 2,50 mm. We also accept orders for non-standard size
We buy high quality veneer logs
Looking for a long-term buyer? We buy high quality veneer logs of birch, beech, oak and other timber species. Please contact us, for more information
During years of operation RIGA VENEER has earned the reputation of being a reliable business partner to its customers. We are well-known among producers of furniture, form-pressed components, doors and panels. High-quality plywood's manufactures have relied on our products and technical assistance since 1992.
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Riga Veneer
Phone: +37125661100

has entered into a contract with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for receiving support in the program:

Project Nr.
Contract Nr. SKV-L-2016/304
Contract date 18.05.2016.

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